How it all began


So my love of jewellery started when i was nosing about in my grandma's bedroom and found a set of drawers which had the most amazing art deco style necklace in it. Obviously i thought it was worth millions so always wanted to wear it. It sparked an interest in all things sparkly and was followed by a story about a faberge egg my grandad told me (thats for another day!). I made bangles from squash bottles and felt tip pens (which were always permanent back in the early 80's!) and then moved on to Fimo. 
There was no where to study jewellery design and making back then where I lived so I chose ceramics instead and eventually did a degree in fine art and ceramics, really useful. After leaving uni I couldn't afford to set up a ceramics studio so I started making jewellery again, making wire rings which I still make today and are one of my best sellers. I then taught myself silversmithing as well as doing some evening classes and then I decided that this was what i wanted to do so in 2006 i started The Argentum Design Company. 
I began by making kind of traditional silver jewellery because it was popular and sold well, I joined some on line platforms and after 10ish years I started getting a bit bored with it. I started teaching silversmithing and jewellery and was able to explore lots of alternative materials, much to the annoyance of the other tutors and this made me realise I was making for other people and I wanted to make what I loved. So i did. 
My work changed to super colourful joyful bright jewellery not made from silver but from clay, acrylic, wood and textile materials. I love what I make and so do my customers (thank you customers!) I think its important to love what you do, sometimes you get a commission job when its not really your thing but you need the money and thats ok but mainly you've got to love it.
I then decided that I wanted to re visit my drawing/design/art side of my work and started designing some patterns. I was nervous because I wasn't known as a pattern designer but actually so what, I can do what I want right? and then the homeware range was born! It didn't stop there I now also make stitch kits with my original design too which I've made into cushions. Its a great way of relaxing and you also get a great design when you've finished!
So thats basically it, theres a lot more in the background, my weird illness for one (I will tell you about that another time) but whats next? well I'm hoping to start my in person workshops up again soon, maybe some online ones too and more fabric stuff..........
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