Our Story

Colour lover, pattern producer!

I started my business about 16 years ago and I was a traditional silver and gold jeweller. I studied fine art and ceramics at uni and colour and pattern design was always a big part of my work. I felt after a few years I wasn't enjoying metal as much as I once did, even though you can produce fantastic colours with it using certain techniques. I always feel if you don't love what you do it shows in your work so I went back to a medium I discovered when I was a teenager, polymer clay! Immediately I was able to produce bright, wild patterns which could be made in any colour you could dream of. I mix my own colours and design all of my own patterns, everything you buy is entirely handmade. Each collection is made in a small batch using various different shapes and styles. I hope you enjoy my work!I carried on learning the medium which has so many possibilities and now just stick with the clay. I love making the bright patterns, mixing my own colours, designing new styles and most of all seeing my customers wearing them!Thank you for popping by, Sara