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Dot - large necklace

Dot - large necklace

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Dive into the cosmos of style with our Circle Intergalactic Necklace. This captivating necklace takes inspiration from the grandeur of the universe, featuring big, bold circles that resemble planets in bright, colourful hues. It's the perfect accessory for those who want to carry a piece of the galaxy with them wherever they go.

Product Highlights:

  • 🌠 Cosmic Circles: The necklace showcases a stunning arrangement of big circles, each resembling a celestial body. The colourful circles are a nod to the cosmic wonders that fill our universe.

  • 🎨 Vibrant Palette: The circles come in a range of bright and lively colours, reminiscent of the brilliant colours found in space. They add a burst of energy and vitality to your ensemble.

  • 🌌 Celestial Inspiration: Drawing inspiration from the cosmos, this necklace captures the essence of endless exploration and wonder. It's a symbol of the boundless beauty found beyond our world.

  • 🌟 Versatile Elegance: Whether you're attending a space-themed event, expressing your love for the universe, or simply want to add a pop of cosmic charm to your everyday attire, this necklace is your ultimate choice. It effortlessly elevates any outfit.

  • 📏  Size: Big, bold circles that proudly display the beauty of the cosmos. There are 2 green, one blue and one pink available, on a silver plated chain. The largest circles are approx 6.5cms in diameter. With the chain the necklace is approx 47 cms end to end (including the circles)

With our Circle Intergalactic Necklace, you'll embark on a journey through the universe of style and elegance. Let this necklace be your symbol of cosmic curiosity and vibrant exploration, and watch as it captures admiration and sparks conversations about the mysteries of the cosmos. 🌌🌠✨


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