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Flat Wonky Hoop Earrings

Flat Wonky Hoop Earrings

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Introducing our Wonky Hoop Earrings, a captivating showcase of playful, wobble-shaped circles that bring a burst of colourful fun to your style. These earrings are designed for those who appreciate the beauty of imperfection and love to make a bold, joyful statement.

  • 🌀 Wobble Circles: These earrings feature delightfully wonky, wobble-shaped circles that create an eye-catching and playful effect. They dangle with a sense of carefree movement, capturing attention wherever you go.

  • 🌈 Colourful Palette: Each pair boasts a vibrant colours, reminiscent of a lively carnival. The colourful palette adds a sense of spontaneity and joy to your outfit.

  • 💃 Versatile Fun: Whether you're heading to a festival, a beach party, or just want to add a pop of colour and playfulness to your everyday look, these earrings are your go-to choice. They bring an element of surprise and excitement to any outfit.

  • 📏 Size: The perfect hoop size to showcase the wobble circle design without overwhelming your look. The are approx 4.5-5cms in diameter and the stud top is a hand formed stud approx 2cms. 

With our Wonky Hoop Earrings, you'll turn heads and spark conversations with your playful and colourful style. Let these earrings be your statement of joyful imperfection, and enjoy the compliments and smiles they bring wherever you go. 🌈🌀✨


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