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Strawberry Necklace

Strawberry Necklace

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Introducing our Big Strawberry Necklace, a delightful expression of your unique style and creativity. Designed by me and crafted with vibrant printed wood, this necklace is a burst of bright and colourful that's as unique as your imagination.

  • 🌈 Vibrant Wood Design: The pendant is crafted from high-quality, printed wood that showcases a vivid and colourful strawberry design. The use of wood adds a natural touch to your style.

  • 🍓 Big and Bold: This necklace doesn't shy away from making a statement. Its substantial size ensures it stands out, drawing attention to your creative flair.

  • 💃 Versatile Expression: Whether you're showcasing your artistic side, adding a pop of colour to your everyday attire, or sharing your design with the world, this necklace is your canvas.

  • 📏 Pendant Size: A big and bold pendant that proudly displays your unique design. The strawberry necklace is approx 7 cms across and 6.5 cms high. The chain is approx 21 cms on each side so in total the necklace is 48 cms end to end.

With our Big Strawberry Necklace, you'll wear your creativity with pride and share your unique style with the world. Let this necklace be your canvas of self-expression, and watch as it sparks admiration and conversations wherever you go. 🍓🎨✨


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