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Jelly Snake Studs

Jelly Snake Studs

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Introducing our Jelly Snake Stud Earrings, where childhood nostalgia meets contemporary flair. These delightful earrings are designed to add a playful touch to your style, celebrating the joy and colourful memories of your youth.

  • 🌈 Nostalgic Charm: Our Jelly Snake Stud Earrings capture the whimsy and nostalgia of your favorite childhood sweets. They are a cute and stylish reminder of simpler times.

  • 🍭 Colourful Delight: Each pair features an array of vibrant and playful colours, reminiscent of the sweets they're inspired by. They instantly brighten your day and your look.

  • 🎨 Versatile Playfulness: These earrings are perfect for any occasion, whether you're heading to a casual outing or a lively event. They add a dash of fun and evoke smiles wherever you go.

  • 🛍️ Lightweight Comfort: Designed for all-day wear, these stud earrings are lightweight and comfortable. You can wear them from morning to night without any discomfort.

  • 📏 Size: The perfect size to showcase their charm without overwhelming your look. These are approx 4.5-5 cms in length with a surgical steel ear post so great gift for anyone but don't forget yourself!
With our Jelly Snake Stud Earrings, you can embrace your inner child and add a playful twist to your style. Let these earrings be a delightful reminder that fashion can be sweet and whimsical, no matter your age. 🍬🌟💖


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