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Orange Striped Earrings

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Fabulous super bright stripey earrings, fresh colour combos ready for spring!

There are three designs, a round stud top with a round drop ( stud top is approx 1.5cm and the round drop is 3cmsin diameter)

Then we have the, what can I call it? its like an upside down flower shape lets call it that! This is a large or a medium size, the large is 3.5 cms and 6cms drop the medium is 3cms widened has a drop of 5cms. Both sizes included the blue circle drops at the bottom of the flower shape. They both have a stud top which is approx 1.5cm.

The ear stud is surgical steel and has a plastic back, I dont like the metal ones I think they pinch the ear, feel free to swap it if you prefer the metal. 

Oh and a word of warning they are so bright they might make your eyes go funny!!