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Wire Wrap Ring - reds/purple/pink Small

Wire Wrap Ring - reds/purple/pink Small

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These are by far my best selling product ever! when I first started out back in the early 2000's these were one the first things I sold to a local gallery shop and they couldn't get enough!

They are easy to wear, really comfortable and the gemstones are good to fiddle with! They can be stretched open to be wider or you can squash them down to make them thinner (while your wearing them or you might distort the shape)

Stack them up with different colours or go for one of the really big rock crystal ball rings, which ever you choose they will all look fabulous. The rings are made from enamelled coloured wire. 

The gemstones are all semi precious stones such as amethyst, rock crystal, jade, smoky quarts, rose crystal, iolite, labradorite, druzy agate, Dalmatian jasper to name a few. 

This listing Is for the small size in the red/purple/pink range. They are really difficult to size accurately because of the way they are made but these will have a rough size on each one and in all the time i've sold them i've never had one back because it's the wrong size but obviously if it doesn't fit send it back and we can choose you another. 

I often wear mine on different fingers, some days they fit some they don't you know!

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